I’m thankful that from time to time, opportunities arise where I am lucky to be paid money to work for a brand or product that I enjoy. As a blogger, I only accept opportunities that I feel comfortable promoting and that align with my personal beliefs and are relatable to my own life. For example, I won’t be blogging about alcoholic beverages, because I do not drink them. As a one income household, being paid for creating content has been a true blessing and I am always thrilled to have sponsored opportunities come my way that excite me and allow me to create content I’m proud of!


This means that I was sent free product for feature or review consideration. Receiving free product does not mean that equals an automatic glowing review or even a feature. I (and my bank account) appreciate companies that are open to sending free products because it gives me an opportunity to check out a product I perhaps may never have a chance to! I am always honest whether or not I am send free product because as a consumer I would want that from anyone reviewing products as well.


Affiliate links are a way that I can potentially make money if someone stumbles upon a review or post of mine and may wnat to purchase whatever I’m talking about! By clicking on one of my links and making a purchase I can make a commission off this! I’m fairly new to this, but will always make anyone aware of affiliate links in the post. I also understand if someone does not want to use an affiliate link, but it would be awesome if it happened!