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Okay, remember a couple weeks ago when I wrote this post, Family Update: We’re (Pretty Much, Basically, Unofficially-Officially, Probably) Moving and shared that our family had decided to move a couple hours North back to my hometown in hopes to save money and buy our first home? Well, we’re pretty much, basically, unofficially-officially, probably NOT moving anymore. Life is funny and as the years go by I realize that I can be impulsive person. I’m not saying that this first decision (moving back to my hometown) was impulsive persay. I had purposed the idea way back in August and have been considering it ever since then.

Family Update- JK

The thing is I could never fully get myself to accept it. Everything I did here in Madison, the thought of I’ll miss this when I leave or Stevens Point doesn’t have this or that popped into my head and it was totally little things like going to a movie theater (something I love to do) and having reclining chairs, or the culture here in Madison is so lovely and fits with me so well. When I think of Stevens Point, I always felt sad and it just never went away. Stevens Point is smaller than the suburb I currently live in and at heart, I’m definitely a city girl and have always said that Madison is the perfect middle ground for both of our families – both are a 2 hour drive. Moving to Point would have created a 4 hour drive to Chicago.

The straw that broke the camel’s back happened a Saturday night ago after going on a movie date with some girlfriends I came home and literally burst into tears and told Dan how I didn’t want to move! I felt horrible because he had been planning mentally on moving his job to a whole new location and now I had burst a bubble. Not to mention I had to break the news to my family who had been really looking forward to us moving there AND my boss who I had prematurely told I was leaving. Things were just so awkward at this point. 

The biggest thing though is that since deciding to now stay here, I have been so happy! It was as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulder! Sometimes we just have to trust our gut and I’m prepared to deal with that added stress of finding a new apartment and job and surviving and thriving in an expensive city. Living in Madison is not cheap and while I’m not really excited to continue the apartment life, it’s all we can do. It’s been somewhat of a struggle because this is a college town and right when our lease is ending, thousands of other people are looking for apartments, as well. Very competitive and we have preferences to keep in mind (Washer + Dryer, hello) while still being something I can afford!

Other things on the horizon besides life stress:

  • In a couple short weeks our family of 3 is headed out on our FIRST Road Trip ever to North Carolina! Not only our first as a family but a first for myself in general! I’ve never driven further than Chicago or Minneapolis so this will be huge! Dan’s youngest brother is getting hitched and I am just so excited to go somewhere new! A bit worried because I suffer from severe car sickness. Anyone have any tips on how to deal with it? I’m excited to also share our journey! 
  • I’m also looking forward to attending the Gluten-Free, Allergy-Free Expo next weekend in Chicago! I’m excited to come across some new brands and try some yummy samples! 

Anyone else facing adult struggles? Sometimes it would just be nice to be 14 again, where the worst things happening were homework assignments and zits.


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    Mary H
    May 3, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    You should always go with your gut. I think if you do not totally feel at peace with a huge decision, you should not do it or at least take some more time to think about it. I am glad you are happy!

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    gloria patterson
    May 3, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    To me long road trips require AUDIO BOOKS………….. They make the trip go so fast. If you like books you can buy used audio cd’s on Amazon. Also you can rent them at Cracker Barrel every where so you never run out. And with a kid if you don’t a DVD player get one.

    Good luck hope you have a chance to get off the interstate some and see some small southern towns.

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