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September BoxyCharm: Boxy Baddie

I can’t recall if I’ve shared that this is the only beauty box subscription that I’m currently subscribed to. It has always been well worth it for $21 a month! You always get a $100+ per box, and having to watch my spending habits, buying makeup has drastically changed as far as priorities. So, getting this box monthly satisfies my fix! Have you signed up yet? Often times, due to popularity, they are waitlisted, but they will also lift that wait list to let in more people here and there, so be sure to sign up

I felt like this month, everything went very well together! Receiving sneak peaks prior to receiving it (yes, I’m one who can never wait) was surprised to see a MAC Cosmetics item! I don’t believe any beauty box subscription has ever carried them before, and so I think that was exciting for a lot of people including myself!

The MAC product I’m talking about specifically is their Eyebrow Pencil in Lingering. It’s a self-propelling, self-sharpening, and brow defining pencil that is meant to help with shape, colour and density in one tool. No sharpener needed! Retail Value: $18.00

I was probably most excited for PUR Cosmetic’s Soiree Diaries Eye Shadow Palette, yet slightly bored with it, too. I know that it recently launched a couple months back, and when I first saw it I was not overly anxious to get it. It was actually something I could easily pass on, but the minute I found out it was going to be in this month’s Boxycharm, I was like YESSSSS! 

So far, it’s been the main palette that I’ve been using since I received it and it’s a hit. I love the mix of metallics and mattes and noticed there is hardly any fallout! I still don’t think by the looks of it only, I would have purchased this on my own, but having it now in my collection makes me happy! Retail Value: $34.00

Once upon a time, I was considered a lip junkie and ended up hoarding hundreds and hundreds of lip products, only to eventually realize that I was a hoarder and that they were sitting in a bin more than being put on my lip. Since I’ve been in the process of some serious decluttering, I recently just unloaded about 75% of my lip collection to friends or the garbage. I wasn’t really excited to see the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip product not only because of that reason, but because I feel like this may be the third time I’ve received a Colour Pop lip product in a beauty box in the last few months alone! Luckily, I got a color I dig and am happy to have around! Retail Value: $6.00

I’m late to the game when it comes to translucent powders, but I DIG THEM! Having oily skin, this comes in handy as the final topper to a done up face that reduces the shine I often have! Not always a fan of the sifters, but the HD Powder from Studio Makeup works for me! Retail Value: $35.00

I’m always happy to have brushes because I’m always finding new ones I like and typically do not buy them otherwise. I don’t know, it’s just not something I gravitate to! I rely a lot on beauty boxes to provide those for me! This box included two brushes from Bodyography – an angled liner brush for precise lining across the lid and brows and flat shader brush for precise detailed application of shadows. Retail Value: $20.00

Lastly, I feel like Briogeo is another brand that is in a lot of beauty boxes right now, and I’m kind of turned off by that. It makes it less exciting, but I am a fan of deep conditioning masks, so it will be used! Retail Value: $20.00

The eyebrow pencil, palette, brushes and HD powder are my favorite, and the rest are just bonuses! 


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    Mary Hunnicutt
    September 27, 2017 at 9:45 am

    The shades in that eye shadow pallette are right up my alley!

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    gloria patterson
    October 28, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    I have been thinking about getting another box right now I get glossy box. And this box sounds really nice, thanks for the information

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