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{Review} The Baby Oasis Sound Machine

Second time around with motherhood, there are some ‘baby essentials’ that I absolutely would consider VITAL. Then, there are items that I’ve learned over the years, with my first son, that I think are just too gimmicky and not necessary.

One item that our family personally finds useful is a baby sound machine! We’ve used one since my four year old was born and we still turn it on for him! They are helpful for us for many reasons – one being that we live in a small apartment so by having calming music on in their room helps cover any noises in the other room – talking, the TV, banging of cupboards when you decide to make late night popcorn, etc.

While I’m not sure how much my four year old needs one at this point, I feel that having one around for a newborn baby is quite helpful. The ‘4th trimester’ is the time when they are adjusting to the new world, but probably still wishing they were inside the womb. So, they enjoy sounds that remind them of being inside the womb, or just loud noises in general – aka the vacuum!

First, some tidbits about the baby Oasis Sound Machine:

  • Has 6 built-in sounds that include White Noise, Prenatal, Lullaby, Dolphins, Car Ride and Heartbeat – I appreciate that these sounds are somewhat unique! Of course, the heartbeat is an essential sound for a newborn, but love that they have car ride and dolphins!
  • 30, 60, and 90 minute timer settings – we can play sound continuously or select auto shut-off in intervals.
  • #1 Rated Sound Quality – same sounds used in maternity wards around the world – not sure what this means, but sounds good 🙂
  • AC power (adapter included) or battery operated
  • You can lull your baby to sleep with extra long sound tracks (no loops).
  • Automatic volume reduction
  • 4 Position timer

Another BONUS for me, is that the machine itself is way smaller than I imagined. Most of the time you get a pretty good sized machine that’s bulky and makes you not want to travel with it. Since we have two families that live in another state & cities, we are often visiting and spending the weekends there! Having this in the overnight bag is perfect, and it’s SUPER tiny!

If you’re a parent, would you consider a sound machine an essential? I can see how a sound machine isn’t a necessity for everyone. For us, because of our small quarters and how often we travel and stay at our families homes, this is an essential.  If not, what WOULD you consider something an essential?


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    gloria patterson
    November 1, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    I have a question! …………. Do you ever fall asleep listening to it? 🙂

    sounds like this would be the perfect baby shower gift

    • Reply
      November 4, 2017 at 7:18 am

      I totally do! Just not for babies 🙂

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