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Personalized Books for Your Love Bugs This Valentine’s Day!

The best part about celebrating the Holidays is having your children to celebrate with! This year, for Valentine’s Day, we received books from I See Me! featuring our family! My youngest son is too young to understand, but my eldest son, who is five, thought it was the coolest thing to see his face in a book!

If you aren’t aware of the company I See Me! they create personalized books for children with a mission to increase self esteem by celebrating the uniqueness of each child! They hope that each book shows each child how unique and special they are, how to spell their own name and build vocabulary skills. 

One of the first books we received for review purposes, and that just launched January 15th, is My Little Lovebug Gift Set. It’s a photo-personalized book of love notes that feature your loved ones’ photos and names! The book can be personalized for up to two people and then also sent from two people (like Mom & Dad). Every illustration displays a cute and cheeky saying with illustrated text by Jeanie Murch. It also includes fourteen 4×6 personalized note cards – that are oh so adorable!


The note cards are such a cute extra touch because you can hide them around the house or put them in lunch boxes! Giving one a day leading up to Valentine’s Day is also a cute idea to spread out the fun of Valentine’s Day! 

I could see how these books are extra special for the kiddos and for later on when you are looking through them years later down the road! I am very sentimental as a mother, and so these types of things are meant to be saved forever!

Do you purchase gifts or celebrate Valentine’s Day in your house? What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day tradition?

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