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One Month Later: 2018 Goals Check-In

A month ago, I shared with you what goals I wanted to work on in 2018. Not only do I think that making goals are great but writing them out to see is an even better way to stay on track! As a check-in, one month later, I’m updating you on how things are going.

Work on self love

Grade: D+- (eating) & B- (being more active)

This one was sort of vague, but a lot of it had to do with eating better and being more active.

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t be consumed on a daily basis with what I’m eating, or not eating, or shouldn’t eat, etc, but I am at that point where I have to and there’s not another choice! I’ve toyed with a couple ideas – weight watchers, just calorie counting, the Keto diet, going sugar- free– spent a couple days trying  a couple of them, and feeling discouraged usually in the end. Changing my eating habits has been very difficult and I’m struggling to execute them. I’ll have a good day and then the next day, won’t be so hot. If anyone has tips, suggestions or anything else on how to start this change, feel free to share.

In good news, I joined Planet Fitness and have been going just about every other day. I was worried a bit about how I’d fit in another activity when I already don’t have enough hours in the day, but it seems to be working right now. I do enjoy getting to go there and consider it even a bit of “me” time. I know that I could really up my game and work out “harder” but right now, I’m just proud of myself that I’m continuously going. I need to get over being self-conscious and just try new things too at the gym!

My lack of discipline is what is ruining any progression on this goal. However, I will give myself credit, because the first two weeks were going quite well – I had stuck to sugar-free treats, with the occasional cheat, but I was genuinely making the effort. I am still genuinely making that effort and trying to pick better selections, but I know that I could be doing so much better! One thing I know, I’m nicer to myself when I work out, and harder on myself when I don’t and eat poorly.

The coming months…I want to add in some work-from-home workouts – whether that be by watching YouTube videos, or busting out the dumbbells that have cobwebs on them! 

Read More

Grade: C

I haven’t finished a book throughout the entire month of January, but I did pick up two in attempt to read them. One of them, The Sinner, I was just not able to get into, which is strange, because those kind of books are right up my alley. The second book, The Party, I picked up to read and am currently reading happily but slowly! I am determined to finish it! I’d love to read just one book a month, which is crazy to think because I use to read multiple books per month, but then again, that was before kids when the free time was constant!

Make wiser money decisions

Grade: B-

I definitely have not splurged on bought any makeup related, beyond my couponing adventures that you’ll read about below. I did make a couple random trips to Target though and we all know how that goes and ended up spending more money than planned.

Hide my phone

Grade: C+

I feel that I made some good efforts to stay off the computer and phone when my kids are awake! There were a couple nights when I could not avoid being on the computer due to some deadlines and work that needed to be done, but I really tried to my best. I know this is a habit, because I find myself getting annoyed at myself when I pick up the phone, ughhhh. 

Get back into the couponing game & increase bargain hunting

Grade: B+

I jumped back into couponing in small doses, but with awesome deals! Every time I coupon and have a huge percentage of savings, I’m reminded how there are ways to get things for cheap cheap cheap! Of course, it’s time consuming, but ultimately work it in the end! I couponed mostly for beauty products, but hope to coupon for groceries more in the coming months!

Hashtags I follow on Instagram for couponing scenarios, leads and tips: #couponcommunity, #cvscouponing, #clearance

Stop yelling

Grade: C

I’m not sure I’ll ever STOP completely yelling, but I wanted to consciously handle matters in a different way, whether that be with more patience or avoiding yelling altogether. I tihnk just by making a conscious effort that means something. With Truman, I know that he needs a bit more explaining when it comes to directions and so we’re working on being more patient.


Grade: B

This one will always be an ongoing goal, and more so closer to the time we plan on moving out of our apartment, but each day it seems like I’m adding more to the donate or sell pile. Of course, with the increase of couponing that serves as a slight problem because then I’m keeping extras of stuff around the house, which makes finding room difficult. The biggest things I’m going through right now is my clothing. Some clothes just sits and some don’t fit and it’s time to just face the facts that it may be quite a while before I fit into them again, so no need to keep them hanging around stealing room, yah know?

Have you done a check-in with your 2018 goals? How are they going?


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    Mary Hunnicutt
    February 2, 2018 at 11:46 am

    I thin kyou are being too hard on yourself! It seems like you are actually making progress on almost all of your goals. As far as eating better, I can’t do diets, but I think the key is moderation. If I have cookies around, I am going to eat them, so I try to satisfy my sweet tooth other ways, with fruit or smoothies or try to find healthier salty options like Skinny Pop popcorn or baked chips. I do not know if that helps 🙂 Good job for going to the gym…once you get in a routine, you will miss it if you don’t go. I need to get back into couponing too to save money!

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      February 2, 2018 at 2:51 pm

      Yes, definetely progress, and I suppose it’s only been ONE month so far, but I put a lot of unnecessary pressure to succeed FAST, for some reason, especially in the hardest one of self love. I love your diet motto – and you sound like me, if there’s cookies – I’m gonna eat ’em.

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    Lisa @ Midwest Glam
    February 6, 2018 at 8:37 pm

    It sounds like you’re doing great to me. You actually set goals for yourself and you’re tackling them. I didn’t even set any goals this year and I wonder why it was off to such a bad start. I recently sat down and penned some things in my planner though. I’m hoping that helps to motivate me.

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