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NatureZway Bamboo Floor Wipes & Towels Review

bamboo-naturezwayWho knew the many advantages of using Bamboo in a cleaning routine? Before I was sent some samples from NatureZway, I had never heard much about bamboo. I have heard plenty about bamboo sheets, but have never had the pleasure of trying those out. As someone who relishes in the opportunity to try out new products, I jumped on this opportunity – especially if it could help in my daily cleaning tasks! 

The many advantages of bamboo includes:

  • Bamboo is from the grass family and easily renewable.
  • Stronger than paper made from trees.
  • Self-regenerating when cut.
  • Does not require pesticides or fertilizers to grow.
  • Reduces water waste.
  • Protects soil from erosion.
  • Reduces greenhouse gasses and captures more CO2 from the atmosphere than trees or cotton.

Of the two products sent to me, the Bamboo Towels were my absolute favorite! It’s absolutely true when they say that it’s washable and reusable and strong. I tried to rip it when it was at it’s wet primness and it would not rip at all! When I wrung it out, still nothing – perfectly intact! It was essential a rag to me! Weirdly, the most difficult thing about using this product was remembering that it was usable. When it looks and acts just like a paper towel, one you are so used to using once and throwing away, it’s hard to break that habit. Not to mention that my boyfriend is unaware and constantly throwing away my saved and set aside towels located on the sink. 


Bamboo towels vs. normal paper towels

Bamboo towels vs. normal paper towels

The Bamboo Floor Wipes were ultimately very confusing. I had no clue on how to use them, and reading the box over and over, and the information sheet I received, I could not figure out how to use them! I saw the picture on the back but still didn’t understand. Then, I realized that I probably had the wrong type of mop – they mentioned on the box that it can be used with all types of “sweepers,” so that made me think that it was only compatible with products that were similar to the Swiffer wet jet mops. bamboo-floor-wipesI do not own one of those, I just have a standard sponge mop. This product was useless to me, unfortunately. For testing purposes, I put a wipe on the bottom of my sponge mop for the heck of it, and it definitely did not work that way! The material is very thin, but super soft. This isn’t a total bash, because it’s not their fault I do not own the specific kind of mop that works best with these, I just unfortunately could not use it. The great thing is that these wipes can be used on all kinds of floors – title, ceramic, laminate and wood.  The best part of it is when you toss it away it leaves little to no harm to the earth the other product is made of polyester and stays in the landfill FOREVER!

Besides the floor wipes and towels, according to their website they carry other eco-friendly products including pet cleaning products, compostable waste bags and bath tissue.

Disclaimer: Thank you to NatureZway for providing me with free products in exchange for a honest review!

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