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Road Trippin’ to North Carolina

Traveling from Wisconsin to North Carolina, our family went on our first ever family road trip a couple of weeks ago. Not only was it the first family road trip, it was my first road trip period. The furthest I have traveled in a car was 4 hours to Minnesota. I really had no idea what to expect besides knowing that I was most likely going to get car sick. Beyond worrying about myself, I worried about how my 3-year-old son would handle being in the car for 14 hours. Since I love creating “kits” or “baskets” of goodies for special occasions, I did just that for this road trip with items that were only for my son. I included coloring books, books, crayons, play dough, some snacks, little dollar store toys and for back up – a tablet. He did not care one bit about my basket of goodies and the only thing that kept him happy was the tablet – lesson #1. I’m sure when he gets a bit older, these items I packed, will be able to keep his attention more, but at 3 years old, it’s very limited!

Pit stops were aplenty!


The rest areas were most of the time VERY lovely, sometimes with ample running room for Truman or playgrounds!

The best way to keep all of our sanity in tact was to take many breaks from the car, which wasn’t so terrible, because after having to get out because of a small bladder and that predicted car sickness, it was always much welcomed. Before we even started we assumed (and mentally prepared ourselves) that we’d be stopping often and that our journey to North Carolina would be a bit longer than what the GPS said because we are pokey. Although, I was slightly disappointed that we did not stop and enjoy some of the odd attractions more, there was a sense of just wanting to get there that eventually overcame it all. IMG_3888

Our Road Trip in Numbers:

Number of Miles from Wisconsin to North Carolina: 876 Miles

Number of Hours from Wisconsin to North Carolina: 13 Hours & 2 Minutes

Number of Hours it ACTUALLY took us: closer to 16 hours

Number of States We Went Through: 6 (Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee & North Carolina)

Number of Hotel Stops: 2 (One in Louisville, KY & the other in Columbus, IN)


Now entering Tennessee!

I’ve been in many hotels so it’s rare when a hotel stands out and actually makes you want to stay at ONLY their chain of hotels from now on! That’s exactly what staying at 2 Residence Inns did for me AND my boyfriend! No, I’m not sponsored (sure wish I was though!) but I can’t share enough love for our the hotel! I was thankful to have been gifted a $300 gift card from my dear friend Amy to use at Residence Inn hotels, so that is the only reason we ended up staying at a Residence Inn on the way there and on the way back! I’m so glad we had this opportunity due to her kindness and in the process discovered an amazing hotel chain. Both times we stayed in studios that had kitchens and I was just amazed! Plus, you’d think they’d be uber expensive with all they have to offer, but depending on the city it was affordable! When we stayed in Columbus, Indiana it was $119, but in Louisville with tax it was around $180! Their complimentary breakfast was also on point and literally had everything you could think of wanting for breakfast! Eating at the hotel helps save money on the road, as well!


Paul Mitchell products and nice kitchen in the Residence Inn!

I also think it’s important to stop and try the local fare – eats that are only local to certain areas! Bojangles quickly became our trip favorite, stopping more than once on our travels, to eat some delicious chicken and biscuits!


A new food favorite!

I’m really happy I can check off visiting North Carolina (and all them other states) on my list! There was many times during this trip when I had to ask myself what was more important? Letting my fears and anxiety with ativan get to me or creating memories that will last forever? Cheesy, but honestly, so true! I can explain more in the coming post – hopefully!

Have you been on a long road trip? Did you learn anything from it?


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    Mary H
    June 6, 2016 at 12:50 pm

    We used to drive to mississippi to visit my ex’s mom and that was about 13 hours. We used to drive through the night when Jay was a baby so he would sleep most of the time! It definitely helps to make frequent stops especially with a little one. I am glad you had a good trip and got to see my great state of NC 🙂

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      June 7, 2016 at 8:57 am

      My SIL and her family drove at night because they have 2 little ones! Def a good idea, however, I don’t see very well at night =( Uggggh.

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