Hyland’s ‘MAKE HEALTHY HAPPEN’ Contest Information – Ends 3/31!

With Springtime there comes a natural feeling of wanting to get outside and move! I’m very much looking forward to getting out with my family and enjoying the outdoors this year! As a family we are big fans of taking walks in the many walking areas that Madison provides! When thinking about some of our favorite ways of being active, I came across the photo below from our vacation to North Carolina last year! We were literally in the mountains – so very high up – and surrounded by tons of walking opportunities!

Hiking in the North Carolina mountains

As someone who dabbles in entering contest, I am always happy to share a fun contest and better yet this one promotes being healthy!

Feeling inspired by those who make health happen every day, Hylands is asking you to share an image and caption demonstrating how you embrace wellness! Pretty simple, and by doing so you Simply upload your photo and caption on or before March 31, 2017 to showcase how you are reaching your healthy goals.

All entries will be judged based on the following – so make it a good picture!:

  • Adherence to the HealthMaker “Making Health Happen” theme (35%)
  • Creativity of photo caption (15%)
  • Demonstration of healthy and inspiring activity (photo conveys a healthy lifestyle, e.g., hiking, biking, eating healthy, yoga, or other wellness-related activities) (35%)
  • Quality of the photo (e.g., lighting, focus, photographic interest) (15%)

Be quick! This contest ends on FRIDAY, March 31st!! 

I received compensation in the form of products in exchange for sharing information about this contest! Thank you to Hylands & the Natural Products Network for this opportunity!


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