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Happy International Cat Day!

So….did you know today is International Cat Day? Totally is and any day that I can celebrate my only fur baby is a good day for me! Today’s holiday comes at a really coincidental time for me. Just yesterday, we thought that our cat was gone forever. I mean, gone forever to the point where I called the microchip company and reported him missing. This has never happened to our family, and let me tell you it was a weird feeling sitting through work trying to process the idea that my cat of 9 years was….gone.

The story goes that Dan searched high and low for him – in all his secret spots that we thought he could be and nothing. That led him to believe that somehow – possibly by our four year old – he was let out the patio door and ran away instead of back in. Beau is a literally a scaredy cat – very He’s afraid of people mostly, so I started to envision what happened to him. Maybe someone came around he got scared – which led me to envisioning a bunch of scenarios on what could of happened to him. I was convinced he was gone. I just couldn’t believe it. I’d say an hour later though, I get a text of good ol’ Beau with the words “I don’t know what happened.” He just showed up Dan said. We both went through a roller coaster of emotions – so happy he was NOT gone.

After that, I  looked at Beau differently. I was thrilled to still have him, and of course treated him with a special treat, and oddly enough it just so happened that the same day it happened, I received a package of cat food from Weruva. No lie.

Best cat food packaging EVER.

With it being International Cat Day and Happy Healthy Cat Month starting next month in September, I thought now would be a great time to share a healthy cat brand! I learned about the Big 3 by partnering and receiving samples from B.F.F. OMG (stands for Best Feline Friend, Oh My Gravy) and it’s all about preventing the Big 3 cat concerns.

 If your cat has any of these, you might want to consider changing their diet: 

 >> Is your cat picky? Picky eating is usually a problem with texture, since cats are carnivores whose tongues and teeth are perfectly evolved for meat-eating. It’s easy to see why a cat might dislike something without real shreds of meat—would you eat a steak with the texture of tapioca? Weruva’s food features these shreds of real meat right off the bone, which is why my cat took to it like a duck to water (or a cat to gravy)!
>> Got a fat cat? The problem is in the kibble. It’s filled with unnecessary carbs, which are almost impossible for cats to process (they don’t produce amylase, an enzyme which helps humans digest their food). Weruva’s B.F.F. OMG! has no kibble to worry about because it’s 100% real meats in their true form. 
>> UT-why? Urinary tract issues often stem from dehydration—even if you’re giving your cat plenty of water. In the wild, cats stay hydrated through the food they eat instead of what they drink. Cats are used to ‘eating’ their water—but most wet foods don’t have nearly enough hydration to keep them satisfied. All of the products in Weruva’s B.F.F. OMG! line are over 85% hydration, which satisfies my cat‘s hydration needs.
Have you lost a pet, but later found him? Has your cat experienced one of the Big 3 Cat Concerns? Share your experience in the comments!


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    gloria patterson
    October 29, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    Been there and done that with my cats. Years ago if they slipped out I could take the electric can opener outside and plug it in. As soon as they heard the opener running they would come from where ever. Never gone more than a couple of hours. My babies are gone now but I think about them often

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      November 1, 2017 at 11:11 am

      Sorry to hear about your cats! We lost one cat recently, so I understand.

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