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Friday Five: 3/24/17

A new series for The Mixed Bag where I just ramble and share some updates on random things! Basically a place to just let it all flow – sometimes it will be five, sometimes three, maybe just one, who knows! Got a Friday Five of your own? Drop your link in the comment below – I want to read! 🙂


I’m pretty bummed to say that I have one more week of maternity leave. The total number of weeks that I will have had off will be four. I’ve known for months now that I was going to have very little time off and for the most part it’s been a hard thing to swallow, but I really have had the only option of accepting it. I’m super jealous of any mother who gets at least 3 months off to be with their new baby – sometimes I will daydream in my head thinking how nice it would feel at this point to still have 2 months left of being home. Our family basically operates on one income and that already is a struggle, so while my job technically had – by law – no choice but to let me take 3 months off if I wanted, it would have been all (but two weeks) unpaid, something that was never an option for our family. With that being said, I’m going to choose not to dwell and just carry on the best way I can. I’m going to focus on the positive. One positive being that my job is going to be flexible with me. I’ll be working about 6 hours a day and coming into work around 11am, so I’m thankful that they are willing to work with me and not requiring me to come back full force at 40 hours a week. As you can imagine, I’m not getting much sleep lately and the thought of going into work at 8:30 makes me extra tired. Knowing that I have a couple hours to get my act together has relieved me of some stress.


Intertwining with maternity leave, I’m so thankful for the financial help that we received from Dan’s parents. Asking for help is hard, and it really takes desperation to ask anyone for financial help, I was thankful that we were gifted (without asking) some financial help just so I could take off the full 4 weeks – otherwise I would have had to go back to work after 2 weeks, something that seems unfathomable after having a c-section, which I am still recovering from. The relief that came with knowing that our March and April rent was taken care of was amazing and helpful during this already stressful time of readjustment.



I’m surprised that I have any time to read, but when you’re nursing at all hours of the night and find yourself up for long periods, I sometimes struggle with falling back to sleep, depending how long I have already been up for. I received this book, The Roanoke Girls, from Blogging for Books. My favorite kinds of books are mysteries, thrillers and suspense books and this one has all of that! It also surprised me a bit on the subject matter (no spoilers here!) and wasn’t expecting a couple of twists. It’s basically a book about family secrets and the main character’s missing cousin.


I am not someone who really goes into too much detail when it comes to my personal life, but it would be almost impossible to not talk about our newest addition, our son Hugh. After three weeks, I feel that I’m starting to get my groove into being a mother of two. The biggest thing is that I’m adjusting to little sleep – I truly believe that mothers are capable of functioning on little sleep – it’s like, in our blood. The name Hugh came fairly late in the game and was picked out by me! Since our first son’s name is Truman, I clearly wasn’t looking for a name that is very popular yet went well with Truman. With a strong feeling that it was a boy the entire time, I wasn’t stressing too much about a girl’s name either. He’s not named after anyone specific when it comes to Hugh, although his middle name is in honor of my grandfather and dad who share the same first and middle name. 


I haven’t put on makeup in almost 3 weeks, but that hasn’t stopped me from doing some (guilty) online shopping during my stay at home. I recently purchased some blushes from Flower Beauty & Essense Cosmetics – both considered drugstore brands!

I also just received three of Too Faced’s blushes that were an ULTA Beauty Deals & Steal for 50% off! I don’t really know what gets me when it comes to blush, because sometimes it’s like one red is the same red or the same pink is the same shade of pink, but alas, I’m a sucker.

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    Mary Hunnicutt
    March 24, 2017 at 8:51 am

    I know it sucks to not get much time off. I took 6 weeks when I had Jay, but 2 weeks of it was unpaid and I remember it being a struggle. Iwish yo uaall the luck trying to get back into the groove of work. I love seeing the picks of little Hugh…he is sooooooooooooo adorbs! I look forward to your future Friday Fives!

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