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Eyelash Wars: Lashfood vs Divaderme Cosmetics

Oddly I received two similiar lash products as press samples in the same week, so I knew that this would be an exciting opportunity to have a Makeup War. Mascara is one makeup product that is basically a must for me. I can easily feel comfortable just wearing mascara on a day with hardly any makeup and still feel done up so I am always looking for new awesome mascaras. 


As you can see from the tube, Lashfood is supposed to be EYELASH EXTENSIONS IN A BOTTLE. Instantly intriguing, right? The Eyelash Extensions in a Bottle is a two-step, brush on lash extension system that is meant to instantly build lashes to outrageous lengths. Step one, the Extending Fibers, are made of nylon and feature a conditioning white-base formula to adhere to lashes on contact. The packaging mentions that it’s very important for this step to be completely dry before applying step two. Step two, the Sealing Mascara, helps the fibers lock into place and give lashes a look of length. Both formulas contain a nano-peptide complex (?) to nourish and condition, so that lashes appear healthier and restored over time. 

Wearing both steps of Lashfood Extensions in a Bottle

Divaderme Cosmetics has been around for more than 3 decades and uses cellulose fibers to safely and naturally enhance the length and volume of lashes (and brows, fyi!). 

Step 1: One coat of Divaderme Mascara Diva FXII or Divaderme Fiber II wings Mascara.

Step 2: One coat of Lash II Extender

Step 3: One of coat of Divaderme Mascara Diva FX II to seal in the fibers and prevent fall out


Who won?

Well…I don’t really know. I don’t think either of them did. I say this because I ask myself if I’d purchase either again and the answer is no. I thought at first, Lashfood would win, but I didn’t end up liking how the lashes looked later on. First off, let’s talk price. Divaderme says they are a 3 step process – huge negative is that you have to purchase each step separately – totaling $104! I would never, ever, ever, ever spend this much on one makeup product – I don’t care how amazing it is. It would be one thing if the $104 set VASTLY out performed the cheaper version, but it doesn’t, almost worse! Do you see the fiber fallout in the photo above? Lashfood had zero fallout – or at least if there was, it was hard to see because they were white. Overall, I felt that both performed near equal and just alright, nothing to write home to mom about. I should say though that each product was used without a lash curler so that should be considered impressive. 

Lashfood also won initial application, not just for being two steps vs. three, but because when I applied Divaderme it was very wet and I felt it was wet for quite some time. It was something I could tell “was there” and didn’t really care for that. The removal process for both were simple – a makeup remover wipe did the trick. As far a how long both lasted, Divaderme started to transfer to the bottom of my eye giving me slight raccoon eyes. ;(

So, in a way I suppose Lashfood did edge out Divaderme, but as I  mentioned already, I probably wouldn’t purchase either in the future. $28 is a lot for me to spend on one mascara, when I can name a drugstore mascara that outperforms for about $8. I love the idea, and still suggest that if you’ve been curious about either, to give it a go because we all have different experiences with mascara, so either one may be a totally different story!

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    Mary Hunnicutt
    August 7, 2017 at 11:24 am

    If it’s more than one step I am out…LOL! I love reading your reviews of products though!

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