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Cuteness Overload! My CheekyKids Favorites!

I’ve had a brand crush on Cheeky products for a while now! I’ve admired them afar (social media) and never realized how many products they have a range of products for babies, kids, the home and dinnerware! What pulled me in was their obviously adorable packaging, but what made me love them even more is that every time a product of theirs is purchased they give one right back! Honestly, if you think hard about what kinds of products you buy and brands you support this may be one that you consider supporting!

In a nutshell, Cheeky products donate one meal when one item of theirs is purchased! Their Give Partners include Feeding America and NoKidHungry programs and to date have generated 14 million meals to those in need. The statistics are shocking and hit close to home. Were you aware that 1 in 8 people in the US face hunger and 48 million people struggle to put food on the table

There is really nothing better than being able to get something you love while also helping out a good cause just buying purchasing that item! 

Truman’s lunchbox!

Before school started, we purchased the Dinosaur lunchbox by CheekyKids at Target (retails for $12.99) because I thought it would be the perfect choice for Truman’s first ever lunch box for 4K! We wanted an inside that had a mess-free lining – something that we could easily clean up after! Even better is that this lunchbox will perfectly fit in the water bottles that Cheeky sent over! 

Besides the water bottle, they sent over quite a selection of products for me to enjoy and share! With a baby and big kid at home, they sent the perfect mix of items! 

The morning routine (almost) always consists of giving my son something to eat in a bowl – cereal, oatmeal, etc. We always had adult sized bowls, so adding these “perfect for kiddos” sized has been helpful, because there is nothing left to waste. They are also the right size for snack time when I you don’t want to give your four-year-old a glass or heavy bowl to munch from and worry about anything being broken! Another bonus is that all these products are dishwasher safe!

They have baby bowls with a non-slip bottom and come in a 2 pack for $5.99! They are designed for taking food anywhere. With mix and match lids, they are stackable and portable! As mentioned, they have non-slip bottoms, that help keep bowls perfectly in place on any surface.

AND THE EATING UTENSILS?! I mean, come on, I bet you never thought you needed cute utensils until you saw cute utensils. 

The past month we have started introducing baby food to Hugh (hates green beans! loves bananas!) and so the silicone bib will help catch any spills that will most likely drip down! When I first used this, I was not sure on how we were supposed to clean it, but it’s as simple as putting it in the dishwasher (top rack!). It is also water resistant and thanks to the pocket in front is good for messy eaters! 

I kindly suggest checking out Cheeky’s website for more information on how they give back, the programs they support, the adorable products they offer, and so much more! Thank you to Cheeky for sending our family these products to love, share, and review! We have truly discovered a new favorite brand!

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