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Creepy Cute: Inside March’s Boxycharm

Creepy Cute is a fun, unique theme for the month, but once again, I don’t see how any of these products we received in this month’s Boxycharm are Creepy or Cute. I mean, do they just create a theme for the card and that’s it?

We’ll start off with the most exciting thing for me, personally. The beautiful, Urban Rustic Palette from Naked Cosmetics. I love all three colors – they are so pretty and great for any eye look that screams for a pop of color!


This trio palette retails for $39.99 – which is insane, because the chance of me ever buying an eye shadow palette that contained only three shades is slim so I am super happy this was in this month’s box! That’s about double the price of the box alone!

Sadly, the rest of the contents didn’t really make me excited. I’ll explain.

The deluxe fan brush from Crown Brush (retails for $18.99) is not a brush I typically use on a daily basis. I found it really …big and heavy – if that makes sense. It’s meant for the soft application of powder products or lightly dusting shimmer products on the face. I just don’t see myself using this type of brush so I was not excited about it.

Okay, I forgot, I did get a bit excited for this face primer from Smashbox. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried it before and it’s a cult favorite in the beauty community, but I am most excited because I genuinely needed a primer! So, yay! This is not a full size product, but a deluxe size that retails for $16.00!

Initially, I was really excited about the two lip products from RealHer. Not only because they are lip products, but because of the message that they literally plaster all over their products and that they give back 20% to charity. I also was initially excited about the shade choice I received – I am still a bit obsessed with nude shades, so this was perfect. The sadness came when I realized how awful the formula was. The lip liner was fine, but the matte lipstick had the worst feeling on my lips! SO STICKY!

The lip liner retails for $12.50 and the matte lipstick is $15.00.

I don’t expect Boxycharm to be a hit every month and from the looks of it, at first, I was pretty excited, but after trying things out, I was really only into two of the 5 products! The value still surpasses the $21 monthly fee though, so how much can I really complain?

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    Mary Hunnicutt
    March 24, 2017 at 8:48 am

    I like the shades you got, but I am with you on the “Creepy/Cute” theme ???

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