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Christmas On The Road!

The holidays mean a whole new thing when you become a parent – you get to relive the joys and excitement of Christmas through the eyes of your children and it’s just as exciting. My son is at an age where he doesn’t quite get it yet, we throw out the term Santa to no reaction, but to me, it’s important to start sharing the joy at a young age. I remember as a child how Christmas was one of the best times of the year, so I really want my son/children to feel that, too.


T and J.

Our family is sort of in a different situation – we live two hours away from both sides of family, so the Christmas season is a stressful time for us, mainly because we’re traveling from Up North Wisconsin to Chicago in a week span. Which means we most likely won’t ever be able to have a “normal” Christmas at our own home, which forces me to think of ideas on how to have those traditions “on the road.” When will Santa visit my children? Will it be different every year? Will they not grow up with that sense of tradition that I loved? I loved knowing that every Christmas Eve after my grandparent’s house, Santa had arrived. I never asked questions, but it became our family tradition. Part of me feels sad that things will be different every year for my son, unless I can come up with something that works. Sure, cookies and milk can be shared the night before anywhere, but does that mean we have to lug all those extra Santa presents around to the destination that falls on Christmas Day? Every year has been different since becoming a couple, and we never know until pretty last minute where we will be spending Christmas. Any suggestions or ideas on how to make Christmas special “on the road” would be awesome!

Anyways, I’m sure as the years go by, things will become a lot more easier with planning. I will definitely go the extra mile when it comes to planning and making sure my son has a fabulous Christmas every year. I truly think it’s one of the most magical times of the year, and worth the effort.

Were the holidays stressful this year for me? Sort of. Being out of a job has been a bit challenging, money wise, BUT, thanks to my hobby of entering sweepstakes and twitter parties, I was able to fund almost 100% of my Christmas shopping this year. I am truly thankful for that. My stress levels simmered because we literally had ZERO snow this holiday – I would have loved to see some white on the ground and maybe been able to test out the new sled that T’s grandparents bought him, but it really helped with the traveling parts. No snow = safer travels. It was weird though to have a green Christmas, which apparently hasn’t happened since 2006…or was it 2008? Either way, it’s been a few years! Also, me and T ended up sick by the (thankfully) last day of our traveling and today I am finally feeling back up to being somewhat productive.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday! ;D


Cards and games seem to be a family tradition. I love it!


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    Erin Fesperman
    December 29, 2014 at 6:32 am

    Loved reading about your holidays! My sister is in the same boat you are in. Her husband’s family lives in Missouri and they go see them every year at Christmas. It’s a long drive and they are usually on the road for two days. (Stopping at a hotel halfway is mandatory with a 2 year old!)
    What we started doing is having two Christmas mornings for Macie. For example, we have our family Christmas here in NC the weekend before, just like if it were the 25th. Then they pack up and leave later that afternoon and head for Missouri. Santa essentially comes twice. I dont know if this is going to change as she gets older – Will Santa only be visiting Missouri in the future or will he continue to make two stops? I really miss having my sister at home on the “real” Christmas morning. I hope maybe they can alternate- one year here, one year there. Santa can just follow the scent of cookies to find Macie, no matter which state she is in!

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