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Bless Box’s Holiday Box 2017

Right now the only box I subscribe to is Boxycharm, and am really happy with it. Although I could never really have any serious complaints about Boxycharm, because for $21 the value is always well over $100, sometimes I could use a mix up. I ended up trying a new one on a one time basis recently called Bless Box. In particular Bless Box’s Holiday Box – purchased for $60! –  because It had Limited Edition splashed across it and it was right around the Holidays. It also claimed to have $400 worth of product inside, and that was certainly the most intriguing part of it. That, and that I’ve never really heard of the box before seeing it first mentioned on an ad on Instagram! 

Anyways, I know that this box is no longer able to be purchased, and really I’m just creating this post to share what was inside, but who knows, maybe it could be a good reference for anyone curious about it next year?

Let’s talk about the only sneak peek we received that essentially suckered me in further and made me hit the PLACE ORDER button! It was the earrings from Jules Smith. They were long and dangly and I just felt so drawn to them despite not being a crazy jewelry wearer! Retail Value: $60

I really don’t think that the Exclusive Bless Holiday Card Set was of any value to me since the box was scheduled to arrive about one day before Christmas Eve. What good are holiday cards – at least this year? So, yes, they are great for next year, but not at all excited about them! I don’t really feel like they are worth the value of $17 that they mention. I was just really underwhelmed and they did not scream HOLIDAY either with the baby pink shade. Retail Value: $17

I don’t drink tea, so the Peppermint Bark tea packet from Republic of Tea was of no use, but a nice festive touch. Retail Value: $2

I have so many face oils and serums that the Argan Oil from Aynara will just be added to a big pile of oils that I’m hesitant on using. There is something about using oils that make me uncomfortable, just the feeling of oil sitting on my face, is weird to me! This particular oil though is 100% pure oil and is cold-pressed and sourced directly from the Moroccan countryside, which sounds impressive! They also sound like a great company – with every purchase they give back to the co-ed primary school in Iminitlit, Morroco and their local children’s shelter! Retail Value: $15

The pencils from Sweet Water Decor, contain motivational reminders but I almost never use a pencil throughout my daily life anymore! I think it’s a cute idea to have little reminders throughout life, but I rarely care what the sayings on my writing utensils say. Retail Value: $15

Sadly, even the Peppermint LIP BALM from KVoss was not in my preferred form – meaning, I don’t care for pots because then you have lip product on your finger and where will you wipe it off on the go? Yeah, so although I enjoy lip balm, I would never purchase it in this form, making this another dud for me! Retail Value: $14

I find eye creams pretty boring and now that I’ve found my favorite eye product at the drugstore, I really don’t care to look anywhere else. The Insightful Contour Eye Cream from Schique says it does it all – hydrates, tightens the lids, diminishes fine lines and puffiness and is also a non-greasy formula that is all-natural and gluten, paraben and sulfate free. Eye creams like this are too pricey and this one in particular retails for $64

Once again along with the idea that I’ve easily found a great eye product at the drugstore, I have always found a reliable face cream for more than half the price of this Detoxifying Facial Cream from Adore Cosmetics! I did think that having a anti-bacterial formula was interesting! Retail Value: $99

When I get a lip gloss in a beauty subscription or gift set, I don’t even try them anymore. I despise lip glosses because most of the time they are sticky-sticky and leave my lips feeling really uncomfortable. This one from Mirabella will be given to a friend or family member though and I’m sure they will enjoy it! Retail Value: $28

I am looking forward to try the hair mask from Kerstase! Right now with the Winter going on my hair lacking some moisture and with the split ends I need to take control of! Retail Value: $20.50

I know I sound like such a Negative Nelly about this box, but overall, I’m sad to say it, this was just not a box for me. It contained lip gloss, face creams, tea, useless holiday cards, and a pencil set I won’t ever use! I LOVE the earrings the most, but it does not justify the price of the box for me! These sorts of boxes are always fun experiences for me though and you always run the risk of not being satisfied, so that is okay! As you can see from the outside it was jam-packed with a good variety of products for your hair, face, and some lifestyle products so I do feel bad for not enjoying it as much as some might. This box may have been a total hit for someone else! This box, however, does not turn me off to trying their other monthly box subscriptions perhaps in the future! I’ve seen some past ones and they do look quite nice! 

Have you ever heard of Bless Box? What do you think – if you got this box would you be happy?

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    Mary Hunnicutt
    January 22, 2018 at 10:53 am

    I have not heard about this box, but I always love to see your subscription box posts! I hate that this one was a dud, but I have to agree with you on most of your comments.

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