Beauty Roundup press sample review

Beauty Products Galore! Review Roundup #3: The Body Shop, Pixi Beauty & Beauty Counter! {Skincare Edition}

The products mentioned here from The Body Shop and Pixi Beauty were sent to me as press samples; everything else was purchased with my own money. Regardless, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

As I write this, I’m two weeks away from my due date with our second child. It’s true what they say – pregnant moms do nest and you often don’t even realize it until you step back. I would say I started nesting maybe two months ago – doing things like (and feeling excited about) pulling all the tags off the gray colored, gender neutral, itty-bitty, baby clothes and putting them in baby #2’s new dresser, feeling relaxed when doing the dishes (it’s that dish soap obsession, ya’ll!), finding joy in folding clothes, and so on.

Another area of my life that I feel like I’ve started to really focus on and stay on top of is my skincare! With a combination of beauty box subscriptions, freebies, press samples, and random purchases, I always seem to have a never ending supply of skincare products! It’s definitely not a bad thing, but there are times when I am straight up overwhelmed with my collection! Surely with my stash, there is something expired by now, right? Not only overwhelmed with the SIZE of my collection, but by all the products – what their formula is, what their purpose is, how to use it, etc. Beauty hoarding can be a tough job!

With that said though, I credit my pregnancy on “nesting” when it comes to my skincare routine and have noticed some fabulous results! First off, I will say… On a normal circumstance – aka no baby growing – I have terrible skin. I was never blessed with beautiful skin and would often break out in boughts of cystic acne. Usually it tended to be just one popping up, but that one was enough for me to want to hide each time. While there are a ton of tough things about being pregnant, there are some pretty great things that come along with it too! For me, entering my third trimester, I was surprised to find (this pregnancy and my first pregnancy) that my skin combated almost all acne breakouts. I don’t think I’d consider myself to have “the glow” but there are many times that I have felt beautiful and pleased that my skin was not going haywire anymore! For anyone who suffers from acne, you may be able to relate when I say – it’s been a glorious change – even if it’s just temporary, which I expect it to be!

The past month, I’ve been using certain products constantly and I’m here to share with you what they have been and how I feel about them. For the most part, it’s a thumbs up – I would not continue to use something that was causing me issues!

The Body Shop:

The Body Shop Drops of Youth TM Youth Liquid PeelThis gel-to-peel liquid peel gently exfoliates and peels off impurities from the skin, lifting dead skin cells and residuals, leaving a fresh, smoother and more luminous youthful-looking skin. I absolutely love this stuff! At first when I saw that it was a peel, I got kind of nervous. I wouldn’t say that I have sensitive skin, but the thoughts that come around when I think of peel make me think that it would be a strong product and upset my skin. It was not whatsoever! Every night before bed, I pump two drops into my head and rub all over my face until seconds later you start to literally feel dead skin being rubbed away. It is honestly the coolest thing ever – especially if you are someone who appreciates instant gratification! The only negative is that it smells awful. It’s clearly not a big enough negative for me to never purchase it, but it’s certainly not a product that I would consider to smell good. 

The Body Shop Oils of Life TM Intensely Revitalizing Eye Cream-GelThis eye cream-gel boasts three seed oils with caffeine and micro pearls to help instantly refresh eye contours and reduce the signs of aging. The eye cream combines Black Cumin oil (contains antioxidants), rosehip oil (rich in omega 3 and 6), and camellia oil (helps hydrate the skin). The combination of these oils creates a cream-gel that repairs and revitalizes! This stuff may take me a bit longer to fully realize the effects, but I can tell you how nice it feels when I apply it before bed. It’s cooling and often gives me a boost of energy – even if it’s short lived, there is something really soothing about a gel-cream formula. I know that with a new baby coming soon, I’m only going to need this product more to help with those dark circles we tend to get when we are sleep deprived!

Pixi Beauty:

Glowtion Day Dew: Surprisingly, as a makeup junkie, I’m so not into the blinding highlight look that you see all over Instagram. I’m very much more into subtle highlighting, if anything. If you are the same in that respect, then you will really appreciate this product from Pixi Beauty. Meant for the morning, I have been applying this to my face before I apply my foundation and I can’t tell you how lovely the “glow” is. I had no idea that when I first put it on – despite the name – that it was going to be so pretty! Even better is that it’s moisturizing during a seasonal and hormonal time when my skin has been painfully dry. 

Beauty Counter:

Cleansing Balm: This stuff was a hidden gem in my enormous collection of skincare products. It was the first cleansing balm I ever received, and received it in a beauty box subscription. For some reason, not knowing what it was or being familiar with a cleansing balm, made me chuck it aside for almost an entire year before I opened it up. Boy, was I missing out! This stuff has a 5 star rating and is considered a best seller for a reason! It’s well loved by many and I am one of them! As a first time user, I wasn’t sure how to use it properly, but you use it on a dry face, which was a nice change from what I am used to when it comes to cleaning my face. Of course, afterwards, once the balm melts into your skin (and it really does melt), you then wash it away with warm water! It’s like you are cleansing and moisturizing at the same time! I regret loosing the 100% muslin cloth that came with it, because that probably would have been an added bonus! It also contains some neat and safe ingredients like raspberry and cranberry seed oil and Vitamin C. Apparently, you can sell it like AVON, too. Who knew?! The worst thing about it is the price tag – $80 for a balm is QUITE high. Seriously can not picture me ever spending that much on one jar of cleanser! Ahhh!

As always, thanks to whoever read this whole post! I know that these Beauty Roundup posts can be long ones because sometimes I just have a lot more to say 🙂 Got any skincare recommendations? Hit me!


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    Mary Hunnicutt
    February 21, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    I always enjoy reading your posts like this. I like Body Shop products, but I am not sure if I could use something on my face that smells awful 🙂 LOL But i may need to check out that Pixi glow stuff .

    • Reply
      February 21, 2017 at 6:23 pm

      It smells pretty bad, but it’s so nice to see the results 😀

  • Reply
    gloria patterson
    October 15, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    Nice products would like to try a few. I write the date I open a product on the bottom of the jar/bottle with a sharpie. If I cannot write I use a stick on label. I have found this work great for me.

  • Reply
    gloria patterson
    November 2, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    most of these products i have not heard but going to do some check on them

    “Surely with my stash, there is something expired by now, right?” I started dating ever thing I opened starting the first of the year. If I can I write the date on the bottom of the container with a sharpie. If not I have small computer labels that I write the date on and stick on the product. This has really help me know what I like and use and what I don’t use

    • Reply
      November 4, 2017 at 7:18 am

      I love that idea of daring things! I know that I can keep things past their best dates for sure. Thanks for sharing this tip!

  • Reply
    Amy D
    January 4, 2018 at 7:25 am

    I love the Body Shop. I need to try that eye cream.

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