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A Year of BoxyCharm: Best to Worst

Hands down, the best makeup subscription – in my opinion – is Boxycharm! I’m usually never disappointed and it’s mostly because I’m reminded that the entire box is only $21, and usually contains 5 full-size items with a value well over $100. It’s hard to complain in that case, but, no lie, there are some months that just don’t do it for me – or get me as excited! So with that in mind, and being a subscriber all year, I’d thought I’d rank each box from best to worst!

#1: February’s ‘Would You Be My Galentine?‘ box

This month was a PERFECT box for me. Literally, everything in it was perfect. INCLUDING the lip gloss from Juice Beauty. I hate lip glosses, but this one was not sticky and at the right amount of slick! The makeup geek eyeshadows were perfect shades, and a well-loved brand by myself. Not to mention a mini Z-Palette, a full size Dr. Brandt skin care product, and two pretty brushes from Crown Brushes! THE BEST! 

#2: November’s ‘Sweater Weather’ Box

The Winky Lux palette is the star of this box – which shades so on trend and pretty that I wouldn’t have cared if that was all that was included. I loved the mini brush set for travel, the lip color was a bit too dark for me, and I wasn’t a fan of the lip masks, but I appreciated the concept of something new! 

#3: September’s ‘Boxy Baddie‘ Box

The PUR cosmetics palette was a great addition to my typically colorful collection of eyeshadows and was great quality! We received a MAC Cosmetics product this month and something I realized this year that I really love and need for my oily type skin – translucent powder! Really helps control the shine!

#4: July’s ‘Cutie Pie” box

Another great box because of the awesome eye shadow palette – can you sense a theme with me? The setting spray ended up breaking on me which was my fault, so I never got to use it. I loved the eyebrow pencil from Winky Lux, too, and the translucent powder duo was nice to have especially coming in July! Seeing a Colour Pop lippie inside a Boxycharm happened a couple times this year, so it made things less exciting. 

#5 – August’s “Beach Please‘ Box

I think a lot of people were thrilled to see a TARTE eyeshadow palette in August’s box. A little disappointed that it was a palette on clearance, but nonetheless, I would have never purchased this on my own, but happy to have it around. This palette tied with the 3 pack of Moda brushes, too! 

#6 – May’s ‘Makeup Is Art” Box

I’ve always wanted to try a paddle brush so this was the highlight of the box for me! The liquid highlighter was too much for me, and I didn’t use the highlight & contour palette, but everything else was exciting and welcomed to me! 

#7 – March’s ‘Creepy Cute‘ Box

I specifically remembering how awful the Real Her liquid lipstick was! Otherwise this wasn’t that bad of a box. The trio palette of green, orange and purple from Naked Cosmetics was a beauty to receive! The Smashbox primer is one of my absolute favorites, so it was okay with me to see a deluxe sized version. I thought the brush from Crown was ridiculously big and never used it. 

#8 – October’s ‘Spellbound’ Box

I liked the newness of the nail kits, and the well-loved Becca highlighter was nice to have, but would never purchase anything on their own. 

#9 – June’s “Downtown Chic’ Box

The palette was nice to get, but the next time I do a declutter of palettes, I’m sure this would go! It’s nice, but not overly unique! I enjoyed the liquid lipstick from OFRA, but gave away everything else! 

#10 – December’s ‘Glitz & Glam’ Box

This month was alright. My mind is blown that the Beaute Basics bronzer palette is $40. I will not use this product and for $40 (mind you the price of a full size eye shadow palette in some cases) it should have way better packaging than what it does. The Tarte mascara is great, and I’m happy to have the brush from Crown brushes. The lip product from Pretty Vulgar is not flattering on me and exencuiates the lines in my lips – not a good look. 

#11 – April’s ‘Boho Glam‘ Box

I know I should have been excited about the OFRA highlighter, but as someone who subtily uses highlighters, this was very OUT THERE. It’s a cult favorite though, so I understand why. I dig that they put in THREE makeup sponges from PUR, and I still have them, but don’t consider them the best makeup sponges, but not bad enough to throw away. 

#12 January’s ‘And the Award Goes to…” Box

Apparently, I felt that this month’s box was so lackluster, I don’t really have any photographic evidence of it… For a good idea though of what was inside this month’s I suggest reading My Subscription Addiction’s review of her box!

I know everyone’s makeup preferences are different – how would you rank your Boxycharms? Or, based on my photos alone, what would be your favorite month? 

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