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PUR Cosmetic’s x Dreamwork’s TROLLS Eyeshadow Palette

The last couple days I lacked motivation to even focus on anything blogging related – I’m assuming the holidays had some part in these feelings, but really didn’t expect to be sharing a new post as soon as I am now. I thought with a new year starting, I’d take my time and not worry about being inspired to share anything. The thing that changed it for me was receiving a surprise, brightly colored pink package in the mail this…

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Zoya’s Mystery Box 2016 + GIVEAWAY!

Just like last year, Zoya Nail Polish released a Mystery Bag in junction with Cyber Monday! With Zoya being one of my favorite nail polish brands and mystery bags being one of my favorite guilty pleasures, of course, I…

Family Holidays

New Holiday Traditions Started in 2016

With Truman now almost four he’s so much more aware of things, and the holidays this year have been especially fun (really starting with Halloween-my favorite holiday of them all). I have such fond memories of the many years of…